We take care of everything! And we want to get it right!

The campsite is involved in a number of ‘quality initiatives’, which underwrite the quality of our services and also our firm commitment to protecting the environment and meeting the needs of travellers with reduced mobility! You will find explanations below of the labels we have been awarded.

‘Camping Qualité (Quality Campsite)’

The ‘Camping Qualité’ label is a certification awarded to campsites which meet very strict quality criteria.


It guarantees high-quality amenities, in 5 areas:

camping qualité hyeres
  • Welcome: we are committed to giving you the warmest of welcomes!!
  • Hospitality, forethought and effectiveness are our guiding principles!
  • Cleanliness: your holidays are sacred, and we wouldn’t want a bit of dirt to spoil them!
  • Information: we are committed to providing you with reliable, accurate, and comprehensive information about your camping holiday, and also to sharing with you our passion for our region.
  • Pitches: this label recognises campsites with calm, safe, clean and attractive pitches.
  • Environment: the Camping Qualité label requires campsites to introduce measures to protect nature.
  • We are extremely committed to the environment, as can be seen from the fact that we have been awarded the Green Key and the European Ecolabel.

The Green Key label

The Green Key label is awarded to campsites which are committed to protecting the environment, and is based on 7 criteria, in line with the requirements of the Foundation for Environmental Education.


Our campsite has introduced measures concerning:

camping écologique Var
  • our overall environmental policy,
  • water management and conservation: optimised pool water treatment, water savers, waste water treatment, etc.
  • waste management and sorting: bins are provided at the entrance to the campsite
  • energy management: automatic sensors, energy-saving light bulbs, Class A domestic appliances, etc.
  • responsible purchasing: we work, as far as possible, with local suppliers and use sustainable materials,
  • living environment: we are lucky to live in a quality living environment and take as much care of it as we can.
  • Our plants (trees, flowers) are hardy and require less water, they are adapted to their climate and soil,
  • and environmental education: our hospitality brochure and our website all show our environmental values and we ask you to pay them the greatest respect!

Eco-friendly campsite in the Var

We take care of everything… especially the environment!

We are lucky enough to live in a magnificent region and be a campsite surrounded by green with trees, shrubs and flowers so we can hardly help but be aware of our environment! And not just at the campsite itself: all our staff are committed to protecting the environment and our campsite has adopted an eco-friendly approach. We have been awarded the Green Key label for our efforts to protect the environment.

camping nature hyeres

Even saving water!

We have a system which automatically regulates the water park chlorine and PH (avoiding over-chlorination and waste), we have installed water-saving devices in all the toilet blocks and in the mobile home water inlets and we have systems for treating waste water directly. We have chosen to plant hardy trees and flowers watered by a micro-drip system to avoid wasting water.

camping ecolo dans le var

Even saving energy!

There are solar panels all round the campsite: they power the toilet blocks, the lighting and can even be found on top of our electric carts! In partnership with EDF, we have funded areas where we produce natural energy: we can now guarantee that 100% of the electricity consumed at the campsite comes from natural, renewable sources! Even the energy used to power our website (to run the servers) has been certified as green energy. The toilet blocks are equipped with automatic light sensors, the mobile homes have energy-saving light bulbs and Class A domestic appliances, and there are sensors on the mobile home doors that automatically switch off the air conditioning. The pool is heated by heat pumps, currently the most efficient source of energy. Where possible, we work with local (and in all cases French) suppliers in order to reduce transport costs.

vacances écologiques provence

Even the materials we use!

}Here, we use sustainable environmentally friendly materials both for our infrastructure and our mobile homes. When we built our pool, we used pervious concrete, which means that we did not have to waterproof the ground and could let the earth beneath breathe. We took the same approach for the children’s play area – the ground is protected by river pebbles rather than tarmac. When we mulch our beds, we compost our own green waste into a natural fertilizer.

tourisme vert

Even our waste!

This is a paradise for recycling and reuse. Please feel free to sort cardboard/paper, glass, plastics, batteries, bread, corks, oil, and even make your own compost! We even have an area where you can leave bulky items for removal so you are not stuck with an old fridge when your caravan is in hibernation for the winter! We would, however, be grateful if you could take certain items of waste to the kids’ club so that the little ones can create works of art.

camping écologique

Even our accommodation!

For instance, our mobile home pergolas and terraces have been constructed of wood from sustainably managed forests, our bed linen is made of biodegradable bamboo, all the cleaning products that we use for washing windows, washing up, cleaning the toilet blocks and doing the washing, whether in our mobile homes or public areas, are eco-friendly and non-polluting.

camping respectueux de l'environnement

Even the tiniest detail!

We use recycled paper and we recycle our ink cartridges, our dog poop bags are biodegradable, we choose to use email and think that brochures should be downloaded, we help you discover our region ‘differently’, we restrict car access to the pitches between 11 pm and 6 am to give you a better night’s sleep, we have bikes you can rent, etc.

Just to say that we are keen to do all we can to protect the environment and we are happy when our visitors want to do the same thing. Please limit the amount of water, electricity, in short, the energy you consume and use the sorting and composting bins at the entrance to the campsite, next to reception.